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Baby Wraps

Babywearing Wraps - a diverse group of products, which enable babywearing from birth and may be used up to several years.

  • It is a long strap of fabric attached to the parent’s body by means of due tying - it allows perfect adjustment of the wrap to each body constitution both the wearer and the baby.

  • Our babywearing wraps are made of natural fibers, which guarantee that our products are safe and healthy for baby’s delicate skin.

  • LennyLamb is a member ASTM, BCIA, SEDNO - which assure you that our products are compliant with the latest safety standards.

  • The quality of our wraps is confirmed by ASTM F2907-22 (American) and PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 (European) certificates.

  • With the babywearing wrap, you can feel safe, cushily and confident, since safe, ergonomic position, provided by the wrap, supports the head, back and hip joints of a newborn, baby and even a premature baby.

  • The wrap uniformly distributes loads on both shoulders and hips of the wearer, in consequence, you won’t experience discomfort while long walks.

  • Rocking to the rhythm of a mum’s steps so well remembered form the fetal life will perfectly sooth your baby. As a result, babywearing in the wrap is the best way to put your baby to sleep as well as to build a close bond during walks.

  • You and your baby will not get bored of one way of tying - the wraps enable front, back, and hip babywearing depending on your needs and the stage of development of your baby.

We’ve got long woven wraps, as well as ring slings and stretchy wraps in our offer. Read more about how to choose the first wrap on our blog.

If a product from your favorite wrap is not available, please contact us.