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Waist Bag made of woven fabric, (100% cotton) - TIME BLACK & PINK (with skull)


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LennyLamb Waist Bag made of woven fabric is a great accessory for babywearing parents. It will let you have all the necessary items like you phone or keys always with you. It is made of the same fabric as our carriers and wraps so you can easily make it match your carrier :)

Actual colors and pattern placement may vary from pictures.The difference in color display may be due to different monitor settings.

Does your wrap come from a true weaving studio, or from a manufacturer that just sources random fabric ? LennyLamb is a true weaving studio.

This design was inspired by the piece of art called "Time slips away" created by a very talented lady Rachel Sims. Thank you so much Rachel for giving us an opportunity to make this amazing wrap!

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