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Christmas Gift Set for a Friend - Pleasure (LennyScarf - 46% cotton,26 % merino wool, 5 % cashmere, 23 % bamboo viscose, Waist Bag 100% cotton, Christamas Ornament - 100% cotton)


33.00 £

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It takes a village to raise a child. We support each other, and Christmas is a time when you have an occasion to say “Thank you, I remember about you and I’m grateful”. The set for a friend in our iconic pattern LennyLamb Lace is a perfect way to say these  words! An elegant Scarf in a fetching color will snuggle and fancify softly, and a practical Waist Bag will come in handy during the trip and on the playground.

We are also adding a special Christmas stocking as well as a Christmas ornament - both handmade of our woven wraps fabric. This makes the set really special as a Christmas gadget like this is nowhere else to be found!

A Christmas gift set from LennyLamb is a perfect idea for a present for a close woman - a friend, mum, sister.  Look no further - buy a present which will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones! Take care of yourself and catch the occasion - super products at an attractive price!

The Christmas ornament pattern will be randomly selected.