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Baby Carriers

Babywearing Carriers - comfort combined with safety.

  • LennyLamb Carriers make babywearing easy and comfortable

  • Our carrier collection made of wrap fabric is unique, because its construction and system of regulation allow us to obtain the correct position similar to the position of the baby in the wrap (J and M position). As a consequence, you can profit fully from the beneficial effects of babywearing without fear and easily obtain natural and ergonomic position even with really small newborn

  • In LennyLamb, carriers for newborns and toddlers are made of fabrics, which are designed and made in our weaving studio. All our fabrics are made of natural fibers with certificates. What's more, their parameters and weaves are well adjusted in order to make babywearing in them healthy and comfortable  

  • LennyLamb is a member of ASTM, BCIA, SEDNO - in consequence, you can be sure that our products are made in compliance with the latest safety standards   

  • LennyLamb carriers are quality confirmed by the following certificates: ASTM F2236-16a; ASTM F2236-14 (American) and PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 (European)

  • A wide choice of patterns in line with the latest trends and limited collections will help you adjust the carrier to match any style  

  • Easiness of use can convince daddies and other people who take care of the baby to babywear. The carrier is also a good solution in case of these newborns, who at some point may have some problems with being carried in a wrap

In the first weeks of life, we recommend wraps. If you decide differently, we’ve got in our offer the carriers that you can adjust, and they will suit even 2 months old newborn. You can read on our blog how to make a choice between the wrap and the carrier.    

  • LennyUpGrade Carrier - through the system of regulation the carrier grows together with the baby, as well as LennyUpGrade will carry 2-year-old

  • WrapTai Carrier - a perfect choice for the first attempts with carriers. The carrier has got wrap straps and shaped panel for the baby, available in two sizes

  • LennyGo Ergonomic Carrier - the simplest carrier to use, available in two sizes

  • Buckle Onbuhimo Carrier - without the waist belt. A perfect choice for an active, sitting or walking baby, it takes little space. Onbuhimo will be perfect for pregnant women. Available in two sizes

If a product from your favorite wrap is not available, please contact us.

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