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Vegan Soap chips, 0,5kg, Wild Nature


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The only grey soap in Poland, made from natural plant raw materials - a blend of palm oils from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) crops.

Beware - grey soap from other manufacturers may be made with or on animal fats! Check it out!

Suitable for all skin types, even recommended for sensitive skin and for people prone to skin allergies.

Made according to a traditional recipe from the highest quality natural plant materials, without any chemical additives such as preservatives, bleaches, brighteners, fragrances, synthetic moisturisers. It has a natural creamy colour and a delicate, neutral soap scent. Also excellent for laundry use.

The flakes are packed in an aluminium foil bag with a string - they can be opened and closed many times. One sample recipe for your own washing powder on the packaging.