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Dear #lennylambfamily!

From Thursday, May 30th, to Sunday, June 2nd, you won't find us at the computers and sewing machines - our employees are resting and celebrating. We will gladly address all inquiries after the holidays, starting on Monday.

Waist Bag/Bag 2in1 CITY, (90% cotton, 7% Merino wool, 2% silk, 1% cashmere) - PEACOCK'S TAIL - BLACK OPAL
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The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture.

Waist Bag/ Bag 2in1 CITY - elegant design accentuated with a woven wrap fabric panel, stiffened, lining inside. Perfect size - it will contain all the essentials; comfortable magnet fastening. Apart from the main pocket, there are two smaller ones (perfect for a cell phone) and one zippered pocket inside - they will make it easier for you to manage the space your own way. There are two belts in the set - a longer one (83-148cm) - for wearing the bag on the shoulder and a shorter one (44-71cm) - for wearing the bag as a waist bag.

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Does your wrap come from a true weaving studio, or from a manufacturer that just sources random fabric ? LennyLamb is a true weaving studio.