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Cotton Birdseye “Airplane” Diaper - MOS
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For those who like ready-made solutions, Lenny Airplane birdseye diapers will be ideal. These are birdseye diapers sewn together into a ready-to-use insert for the baby. This solution is perfect for newborns and small babies because you have a ready-to-use solution to hand which dries as quickly as a classic cotton diaper but with no need to fold it. Available in two sizes:


Size NB, 50cm: from 3 kg to 5 kg (6-11lbs)

Size MOS, 60cm: for large newborns over 4 kg (8lbs) and up


Washing instructions:machine wash at 60°C (140°F). Do not iron as this process reduces the absorbency of the diaper. Do not dry clean. Can be tumble dried but it is not recommended as it can significantly shorten the life of the nappy. Do not bleach. Line drying is recommended. Use white washing powder containing a compound called TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamine).

Before using for the first time: it is advisable to soak the diaper overnight in hot water with dish washing soap to speed up the process of rinsing out the oils contained in the cotton. As cotton is a natural fibre it needs from 5 to 9 washes to become fully absorbent. The “Airplane” diaper can be used already after the first washing, but then it is worth remembering to change it more often (this eliminates the dilemma of washing clean clothes, which is not always in line with our convictions).

Everyday care: the diaper that you take off your baby's bottom should be washed (how to do it properly here 😉). If after washing you find that there are poo stains on the nappy, it's a good idea to expose the wet diaper to direct sunlight - the sun will naturally remove the stain and keep your diapers white. At the same time, these stains do not mean that the diaper is dirty (unless it is accompanied by an unpleasant smell, in which case it is worth looking again at the correctness of the washing process).

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