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Warper - it sounds proudly

There are professions about the existence of which hardly anyone knows. At LennyLamb, we employ specialists who lead the thread and accompany its metamorphosis from the yarn hank, through the warp shaft, loom, cutting table, sewing machine to the finished product. It doesn't sound very romantic but we are fascinated by it day by day.

LennyLamb - dreams do not come true (on their own)

We have dreamt of it and we made this dream come true: we are one of the few producers of wraps and carriers in the world, which has its own looms. This means that if we want to find out what combination of yarn and pattern is created by means of weave, we simply check it.

Experimentarium - can a dreamer cut a deal with a machine?

Yes, he/she can if he/she has a good translator. In our case, this piece of floor belongs to our graphic designers. They explain the dreams to the machines, and then they lead the dreamers to the effective solutions. Between tentative dreams and satisfying fulfillment, there is a kitchen of an experiment, in which we check on a living organism, which combinations will give weave, patterns, and yarns at varying parameters.

Daily bread or a limo, that is a series or a curio

If someone wants to wrap his/her city with a cincture of fabric with green bricks - we can weave it. But if someone wants to have a wrap that is weaved only in one specimen along with a guarantee that we will not weave more specimens - we’re ready!  Experiments with new patterns and unique yarns can be compared to a fascinating world when only the sky is the limit. We want to invite you to our world, what’s more, we want to invite you to embark upon the journey.

Experimentarium includes the experiments, which together create the collection of wraps and carriers. One experiment consists of max. 5 different products. The color and the blend are distinctive for the given experiment and - we can guarantee it - we will never redo the given experiment. Fancy silks from all around the world, cashmere, wool as well as yarns made of mint, pearl, aloe can be found in the blends - at least 70% of fancy yarns are in each experiment. They are made with a double weave technique. Each product is signed by the number of the experiment, a signet has a piece of information concerning the number of products that were made in the given experiment.