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Easter : a parents’ short guide


Easter : a parents’ short guide

Easter  time: a table full of delicious food… meeting family… painting easter eggs. Although it sounds so wonderful – it may be difficult for children. How can we help them go through Easter  with best memories and positive emotions?

  1. Respect the child’s boundaries

Although it may be sometimes hard for the old generation, the child doesn’t have to kiss the grandma or hug the uncle if she or he doesn’t want to. It’ll be enough to say “Good morning” / “Hello” or shake their hand. Let your child decide about her/his body.

  1. Let your little one be with you

Being scared by new faces is normal for babies – and the members of the family should respect that fact. If your child isn’t eager to be carried by other people or doesn’t want to sit on their knees – don’t force/persuade her or him to do so; let your baby be close to you when he or she need it. If you need free hands to IPprepare or serve dishes – a wrap or a carrier will be the best solution to give you the freedom of movement and your baby – the needed closeness.

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  1. Let your child grow to enjoy Easter dishes

Some of the Easter dishes are not good for the little belly; some of them may simply not be the baby’s favorites. Emotions are important too – if a child is waiting for the Easter Bunny, even the best (and loved on other days) dishes may not be so important.

  1. Give your child the space to calm down

Family meetings may bring more noise and emotions than the child is used to. Small babies may become more nervous and tearful. The best solution would be to provide your child a quiet place to take a rest and sleep or give the possibility to separate from too many stimulus.

  1. Let your child experience Easter in her / his own way

Don’t impose your point of view on the child - what should be the most important in Easter: meeting family, delicious food or…? Let her or him choose and experience Easter in their own way.

If you give your child the freedom, respect for her or his boundaries and space to calm all the emotions down, it’ll help experience the Easter as a wonderful time – and that’s what we wish you this year with all our hearts!

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