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Look for a Present with LennyLamb


Does it happen to you that you plan to start thinking about Christmas presents in advance and only a few days later you realise that the first week of December has passed? If so, we have good news: we are prepared for this eventuality. Gifts that you can find at LennyLamb have at least two common features. First of all, they are good quality products. Secondly, they are produced entirely in Poland, in one locality. There are more and more customers for whom this fact is one of the main criteria when choosing gifts. This is a reason for us to be proud.

Of course, we realize that the most common association with the name LennyLamb is a wrap or a carrier. If you want to give such a gift to someone, we advise you to read our guide first. Our offer, however, is much wider. This time we decided to present universal products that will please everybody. Here they are:

  • A calendar. It is covered with our wrap fabric. The pattern can be chosen for both women and men. As a curiosity, we will add that we have only prepared 500 such calendars, so it's a good choice if you're looking for a unique item. Image title

  • A shopping bag. When you are looking for a casual gift that will be useful to everyone, this bag is a great solution. The number of patterns to choose from is really big.

  • A Snood. You can choose a pattern for a man or for a woman. The outer layer is a wrap fabric, and the inner is for you to choose: fleece (then the snood is thicker, but also stiffer) or soft-knitted fabric (then the snood is thinner but can wrap the neck more neatly) Image title

  • A Lennyscarf. Very popular, beautifully decorated. If you decide to make such a gift, look at the blend. Our scarves are enriched with: alpaca, angora, merino, cashmere, silk.

  • A sackpack. This is another offer for everyone. The choice of patterns here is enormous. An interesting fact is that our bags are often bought for children and ultimately carried away by parents.

  • A swaddle blanket. Basically it's just a piece of material, but maybe that's why it has so many uses. You can wrap your child, use it as a quick-drying towel, moisten the air in the child's room during the night, it can become a pareo in the summer and a changing room on the beach. Due to the great interest in this product we have prepared new designs, we can say that they are still "warm" - they appear in our offer this week

  • A Doll sling. It's a perfect gift for a toddler, for a girl as well as for a boy. It is also a product and a ready idea for playing - kids are happy to imitate their parents. If the child has a younger sibling who is babyworn, he or she will be happy to carry his/her toy "child". Image title

  • Gift card. If you feel like you are not able to choose a gift for someone or you need a gift for someone whose needs you do not know, choose a gift card. The bestowed person will decide what to choose.

 Naturally this is only a part of the proposals that the extensive LennyLamb magazine contains! For those who would like to buy a ready set instead of one product, we have also prepared something special. Gift sets are our new offer and can be found here.

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